Blended Service

/ Training & Production Package.
/ You launch a top-quality podcast.
/ and continue to do so…
/ with the tools and skills we give you.





Our Blended Service Clients

Just some of the good eggs that we've guided to set-up and launch their brilliant-sounding podcast.

We hold your hand every step of the way

This service is for you, if want to learn how to make a podcast yourself and ensure what you set-up is right and what you launch sounds top-quality and professional.

We combine our unique podcast training and professional audio production to get you to a point where you are ready to launch your podcast and release your first episodes!

Our Blended Service includes training sessions, catch ups with a professional podcast producer and our expert consultation regarding marketing, hosting and launch strategies etc… We’ll also make your first or first episodes so you launch with something sounding awesome.

You’re then left with the skills, templates, checklists and audio to continue to make your awesome sounding podcast.

This can be delivered over a few weeks or months – depending on your timescales.

We deliver this bespoke, blended service to individuals or groups of all ages and experiences. For example we've delivered this service to a university department to a large charity and a group of their beneficiaries.

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Our Blended Service bits and bobs

How we combine our Production and Training Services to design a guided approach to help you to launch your podcast.


Sessions delivered in-person or virtually to teach you how to podcast - from idea to recording brilliant audio.


We also leave you with a podcast production checklist and other docs to help continue to produce your podcast long after we're gone!


We then professionally put together your 1st or 1st few episodes, so what you launch sounds great!


We hold your hand every step of the way, and can advise on all sorts including launch strategy, shownotes marketing and podcast hosting.


We provide your podcast's production template so you can continue to make a brilliant-sounding podcast!


Each blended service package that we deliver is bespoke to your timings, needs and participants.

A Podcast can help connect you to the people that matter - to you


Our Blended Approach Projects

Here's a selection of projects where we have helped our good egg clients make and launch a podcast. Browse more here.

It was such a pleasure to work with MIC to set-up our podcast, ‘Now and Men: current conversations on men’s lives’. For a long time, we’ve wanted to create a podcast, but it is only thanks to MIC that this has actually become a reality. We learned so much about the whole process – and we had lots of fun.

I feel really proud about what we have come up with and confident we can keep it growing, which is all thanks to MIC Media. Setting up a podcast successfully requires learning a range of knowledge and skills, so if you are serious about it, look no further than MIC Media to get started.

Dr Stephen Burrell

Early Career Fellow, Durham University

What now?
Contact us and let's have a chat about your project or podcast idea.
We'd absolutely love to help you to make a brilliant sounding podcast that you're totally proud of.

We don’t just offer this blended thing you know?

We can simply make your podcast for you, or show you how...

MIC's Podcast Production

Idea development, recording, editing, distribution and marketing Our Podcast Production services takes-away all that ‘how do we make this thing?!’ stress and turns your idea into a cracking sounding podcast. More here.

MIC's Podcast Training

Real-time workshops, multi-session courses and 1:1 coaching. Learn how to podcast with MIC – whether it’s for you, your team, beneficiaries or members. We deliver bespoke podcast training in-person and virtually. More here.

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