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We make podcasts, teach people how to produce their own and host meetups for the podcaster community

Podcast Production

Podcast Production

MIC would love to make your podcast. Whether you want tell the world about your values, outcomes or best bits; share your latest campaigns and success stories – or simply show off your impressive expertise.

MIC can also help you come up with killer content ideas, sort out all the details when it comes to publishing it and help you get those all important listeners.

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MIC understands that you’d love to give podcasts a go yourself, but don’t have a clue where to start or you just need reassurance that you’ve got your bits and bobs in the right place.

It’s OK, from bespoke sessions and interactive workshops, to group surgeries and 1:1 coaching, MIC makes all this audio malarkey dead easy to understand and most importantly, do!

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MIC hosts regular meetups for the growing podcaster community.

Whether bedroom podcaster or audio industry pro, ‘MIC Talks and ‘MIC’s Podcast Club brings together podcast creators or wannabe makers to kick-start new collaborations, get a fresh pair of ears on your latest edits, learn, hang out, drink beer and make new podcast buddies.

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About MIC

A profit-for-purpose company obsessed with audio.

MIC reckons everyone should have the opportunity to get involved with podcasts and make awesome audio. Especially those folk who don’t have the skills just yet, aren’t connected to the media industry or would benefit massively from getting their stories out to a global audience.

From charities to DIY podcasters we believe that podcasts can be an incredibly powerful tool to share your message, values and success stories to a global audience of thousands. To achieve all this audio goodness MIC delivers podcast production services, podcast training and events for podcasters.

MIC’s founder is Vic Elizabeth Turnbull, who has almost 15 years experience across the creative and good causes sector.

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MICs Buddies: Clients, Partners & Collaborators

We 💗 MIC

  • As the centre for innovation in the heart of MediaCity, we want to become the home of knowledge for all things Tech. We see podcasting as a key part of the future of audio consumption, so it’s great to be involved with an organisation like MIC and host MIC’s Edit Club in our Social7 event space.

    a photo of a man. The man is smiling and looking directly at the camera. The photo starts from shoulder up. He is wearing a white shirt. He has brown hair, brown eyes and stubble.
    James Summerton – Business Development Manager, The Landing
  • Innovative initiatives such a MIC’s Edit Club are a great way of supporting the creative community in such an energised space like The Landing, and where better than the media epicentre of the UK, MediaCity?

    Darren O’Brien – Ecosystems Manager, Barclay’s Eagle Labs
  • I went along to one of MIC’s podcast sessions not sure what to expect, but Vic just made it seem so do-able! Podcasting is an untapped potential market for the good causes sector to shout about the great work they do and raise their profile. MIC cuts through the fears and highlights to us all, regardless of our work, budgets and expertise we can all get going. MIC’s workshops are essential in giving you a push in the right direction and the basic knowledge required to give podcasting a go! Highly recommended.

    MIC has caused me one problem though, I now have no excuse not to get started!

    A women wears an orange scarf. She is sat at a table, facing the camera, her arms clasped in front of her, rested on the table. She is smiling
    Simone Callaghan – Director, The Goodness Collective CIC
  • Working with Vic has been breath of fresh air, as her knowledge and experience spans the media, VCSE and corporate world. We’re finding that increasingly podcasts are a good tool for Social Enterprises to market themselves, be accessible and cascade information more widely, plus they are good value for money.

    We’ve not yet come across other podcasting training and technical support like MIC, aimed at the VCSE sector.

    Nickala Torkington – Director, Flourish CIC
  • “It’s imperative that good causes find ways to reach new audiences through different means. Vic knows how to tell a story and powerful audio will be a great tool for good causes to use. Vic has the expertise to help nurture a charity / community organisation through the process to get them to the point where they’re confident to do it themselves.”

    Russell Feingold – Director of CSR, UK Fast
  • “Vic’s opened our minds about how using podcasts can showcase our great work and share good practice across the youth sector.”

    A man in a suit speaking into a microphone
    Richard Marsh – CEO, Manchester Youth Zone
  • “Vic’s passion for Silent Radio and audio content is clear. With the breadth of guests that she’s attracted and with Silent Radio loyal audience, Vic is someone well worth listening to when it comes to all things audio.”

    A photo of a white man standing in the middle of a road
    Rhys Hancock – Content & Executive Producer, Podcasts.co
  • “I really enjoyed Vic’s podcasting workshop. I went from thinking they were irrelevant for us, to having a list of 11 podcasts we could start off with! The session really helped me come up with ideas as well as learning about the practicalities.

    We are launching a blog for our charity and we’ll now trial podcasts.”

    Hannah McCowen – Fundraising and Communications Manager, Local Solutions

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