SMW: Episode 4 – Lynne Ridsdale

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SMW: Episode 4 – Lynne Ridsdale

Having a senior leadership role in the public sector can be demanding, especially when the decisions you make can impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. There’s nothing 9-5 about this Strong Manchester Woman’s job.

In this episode, your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Lynne Ridsdale, the Deputy Chief Executive of Bury Council. Lynne’s worked across the public sector including doing the rounds at other Greater Manchester councils such as Bolton and Manchester. Lynne’s also worked at the National Crime Agency and Capita Group, which is where her professional career began. 

4: Lynne Ridsdale

Listen to this episode from Strong Manchester Women on Spotify. An honest conversation with Lynne Ridsdale, the Deputy Chief Executive of Bury Council. An experienced public sector leader, Lynne’s also worked at Bolton Council and Manchester City Council, plus the National Crime Agency and Capita Group.

Lynne talks candidly about,

  • what it’s really like to work in the public sector
  • difficult pregnancies
  • changing professions to accommodate a growing family life
  • the power of mentoring 
  • dealing with loss
  • talking to yourself to boost your self-worth
  • managing public-facing jobs as an introvert
  • kindness

“Ultimately you come in and out of this world by yourself. You’ve got to look after you as a best friend would.” Lynne Ridsdale

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Released 21st August

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