SMW: Episode 8 – Sarah Judge

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SMW: Episode 8 – Sarah Judge

At 25 years old, this Strong Manchester Women decided  to take action against the injustices she was seeing in society and tackle community issues and concerns right at their core.  She put herself forward become a councillor in her local community of Wythenshawe in Manchester.

In this episode, your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Sarah Judge, Manchester City Council’s member for Woodhouse Park and the Lead Member for women.

Born and raised in Wythenshawe, Sarah is passionate about ensuring young women believe in themselves and have the opportunities and support they need to achieve their dreams. She has worked as a community organiser developing grassroots campaigns and was the brains behind the ‘Scrap the Fee’ campaign, which opposes financial charges for women who need medical professionals to confirm that they are suffering domestic abuse. She also helps to run Wythenshawe Safespots, a user-led domestic abuse charity.

8: Sarah Judge

Listen to this episode from Strong Manchester Women on Spotify. An open-hearted conversation with Sarah Judge, a local councillor and the Lead member for women at Manchester City Council. Sarah also runs a domestic abuse charity in her local community. ———————————————–

In this episode Sarah talks about,

  • the shift from a normal 25 years old to councillor 
  • how to be a resilient and  authentic public leader
  • what it’s really like on election night
  • dealing with public backlash
  • balancing day jobs and being an elected council member 
  • the reality of working alongside her councillor dad 
  • the spark that instigated her desire to help people
  • the long process of becoming a local councillor

Each problem that someone comes to you with is the most important thing in their world at that moment. So I have to make it the most important thing in my world at that moment.” Sarah Judge

More info about the things mentioned in the episode

  • Safe Spots is the charity that Sarah runs
  • Sarah’s on twitter here
  • There’s a website that explains how to become a councillor, it’s (obviously) called

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