SMW: Episode 10 – Nasima Begum

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SMW: Episode 10 – Nasima Begum

From a young age this Strong Manchester Woman felt that she wasn’t accepted into society. She grew tired of the narrative that went along her identity as a South Asian, Muslim woman. To put it simply, she wasn’t having it. So she decided to fight back and write her own narrative, by becoming a performance poet and producer.

In this episode, your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Nasima Begum. When she’s not being a badass poet, Nasima works in youth development – with a focus on building the confidence and resilience of young  Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee girls.

In early 2019 she was awarded a prestigious Jerwood Creative Fellowship to make new work for that year’s Manchester International Festival.

10: Nasima Begum

Listen to this episode from Strong Manchester Women on Spotify. A passionate conversation with Nasima Begum, a performance poet, producer, creative practitioner. She also works with young Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee girls to boost their confidence and resilience. ————————————————–

In this episode Nasima talks  about,

  • Pushing back against stereotypes 
  • Being a cat mum
  • What really spurred her to become a performance poet
  • Learning the hard way about the importance of looking after yourself
  • Battling with self-doubt and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Life after loss
  • Being the most unorganised woman in the world
  • How she’s #NotHavingIt and standing up for herself

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