SMW: Episode 14 – Priya Chopra

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SMW: Episode 14 – Priya Chopra

For the last 20 years, this Strong Manchester Woman has been supporting Asian women and children who are victims of domestic abuse – a cause that is made more difficult by the cultural norms and traditions of the communities that she works in. 

In this episode, your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Priya Chopra, CEO of the Saheli Asian Women’s Project. She has campaigned for policy changes on forced marriage and honour-based violence amongst the South Asian community, and has highlighted the extremities of this issue on a domestic and international level

Priya has spoke at the House of Commons and was part of the delegation to Prime Minister Theresa May’s consultation on the proposed changes to the Domestic Abuse Bill – ensuring that the issues faced by BAMER survivors of domestic abuse from communities were highlighted to policy makers.

14: Priya Chopra

Listen to this episode from Strong Manchester Women on Spotify. An inspiring conversation with Priya Chopra, Chief Executive of the Saheli Asian Women’s Project – a charity that supports women from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee communities who are victims of domestic abuse.

In this episode Priya talks about,

  • The challenges of finding funding
  • What it’s really like to work in a community where domestic violence is taboo
  • How the women she supports, inspire her to keep going
  • How this podcast has become as useful tool to inspire her and her team
  • Finding the courage to speak out against domestic violence
  • Making people uncomfortable to instigate change
  • The increased demand for the services she provides
  • Her approach to risk taking

Links and information
Find out more about the Saheli Project, contact them or to find out how to support their incredible work, visit their website here

This is the last episode of this series of the Strong Manchester Women podcast. Listen to the end of the episode to hear if they’ll be a Series 2.

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