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MIC media: Where Social Impact Meets Powerful Podcasting

MIC is an award-winning podcast production and training agency that helps good eggs like you to Grab The MIC and tell their stories through awesome audio and podcasts.

We’re your one-stop shop for creating impactful podcasts that amplify your mission and make a real difference.
MIC’s a super friendly and dead-passionate bunch of audio experts. We’re dedicated to empowering social impact businesses and organisations like yours. We understand your unique challenges and goals. We lean into our years of experience to craft podcasts and deliver podcast training that resonates with your audience and drives positive change.
We offer a complete suite of podcasting services, from podcast training, to concept development, professional production, editing and strategic distribution. Our jargon-free approach and supportive environment empower you to turn your podcast dreams into reality, regardless of your experience level.
MIC media is here to helpfully guide you every step of the way.
Oh and did we mention we’re also a social enterprise?

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Your podcasting best pal: Why choose MIC

Social Impact Superstars

We're the perfect fit for social impact businesses. We understand your values, complexities, and mission. Lean into our shared passion and expertise to launch a podcast that resonates with your audience and drives positive change.

Audio Expertise for Impact

Combine years of audio industry experience and professional podcast production, with proven success in helping social impact businesses use podcasts for maximum impact. We stay ahead of the curve with the latest tech and trends.

Demystifying Podcasting

Making podcasting accessible and easy with our jargon-free guidance and simplified approach. We're a friendy bunch that creates a lovely supportive environment to empower you confidently create a podcast, even as a beginner.

Podcasts and Audio Projects
People Trained
Social Return on Investment

Amplify Your Social Impact

Impact-driven podcasting for social impact businesses. We support you to craft a podcast with your authentic and unique voice; sparking new conversations, inspiring fresh ideas, and fueling positive change within your business.

Unleash Your Podcast Potential

Beginner-friendly podcast production and training. We equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to launch your podcast. Even with ziltch experience. Conquer your fears and turn your podcast dreams into reality!

Impactful Storytelling

Couple social impact expertise with powerful audio storytelling. Go beyond traditional communication channels. We help you to tell your story, connect with your audience, amplify your impact and create unexpected ripple effects through the power of podcasting.

What We Do

Our podcasting and audio services

Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Idea development, recording, editing, distribution and marketing

MIC makes podcasts and we’d love to produce yours. To date we’ve created over 50 podcasts and audio projects with clients.

We take away all that ‘how do we make this thing?!’ stress and turn your idea into a cracking sounding podcast.

We’ll help you to tell the world your story; share your latest campaigns or outcomes; creatively report to funders and stakeholders or to simply show off your impressive expertise.

Our production clients include Co-op (left), Plan International, Children’s University and Manchester City Council.

More about our podcast production

Podcast Training


Real-time workshops, multi-session courses and 1:1 coaching

Learn how to podcast with MIC – whether it’s for you, your team, beneficiaries or members. To date we’ve trained over 1,200 people how to podcast and audio production skills.

Our audio training is tailored to fit your projects, learning objectives and audience. Best of all, it’s jargon-free and suitable for absolute beginners and technophobes.

Every quarter we also put on our own classes that you can book onto via our eventbrite.

Our training clients include BIPC, Business Growth Hub, PIE, Royal Northern College of Music, UnLtd and University of Salford.

More about our Podcast Training Our eventbrite
Podcast Training
A Blended Approach

A Blended Approach

Our training and production package to help you launch a brilliant sounding podcast.

This is for you, if want to learn how to make a podcast yourself and ensure what you’re launching sounds quality and professional.

We combine our unique podcast training and professional audio production to get you to a point where you are ready to launch your podcast and release your first episodes! You’re then left with the skills, templates and audio to continue to make your awesome sounding podcast.

Our blended clients include National Football Museum (left), UnLtd, Durham University and Yellow Jigsaw.

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Expert-led launch, growth and management consulting

Dreaming of captivating audiences with your podcast but feeling overwhelmed by the launch process? Or maybe your existing show needs a boost?

Ditch the endless online searches and keep your production in-house. MIC is your friendly, expert guide, ready to take the stress out of podcasting.

Our consultancy clients include Made by Mortals (right), NHS Professionals and Carbon Co-op.

More about our consultancy

Grab The MIC!

Connect and learn: Essential resources for podcasters

MIC's Podcast Club


A community for podcasters to help each other make brilliant podcasts.

MIC’s Podcast Club brings together 1,700 podcast creators including DIY podcasters & audio industry pros at monthly virtual and in-person meetup events.

We also invite the odd special podcast guest too, these have included Brown Girls Do It Too, BBC Sounds, Olly Mann (Answer Me This), Captivate and Arielle Nissenblatt.

Podcaster? Join our community of 1,700 podcast creators – we’d love to have ya.

More About Podcast ClubJoin the Club
MIC's Podcast Club
Grab The MIC: Live

Grab The MIC: Live


Live streamed conversations with podcasters from across the not-for-profit world.

We spotlight the good egg podcasters who are doing brilliant things in our corner of the world. We show you the huge and exciting possibilities when it comes to podcasts in the Third Sector.

We want to inspire you to start your own podcast or perhaps give you some helpful hints and tips to boost or reinvigorate the one that you already have!

Guests include Children’s University and Made by Mortals.

More & watch Grab The MIC: Live

Our Track Record

MIC Client Journey's

Read how MIC is creating an impact and making a difference to social impact organisations through our podcast services.

Including creating award-winning podcasts for local authorities, Royal recognition, philanthropic donor thank-you’s via podcasts, training community reporters and school kids to create their own audio content and helping organisations to secure new partnerships and win fundraising bids.

Browse our case studies here
MIC Client Journey's
Press Coverage

Press Coverage

We regularly get the tables turned on us and get asked to speak on other people’s podcasts!

Discover more about MIC Media, direct from the horses mouth. Here’s a selection of those. Plus the folk who’ve featured us in their newspapers, on their radio shows websites and blogs too.

For press enquires just drop us a line via our little contact form below.

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We 💗 MIC

  • a photo of man, shouldersnip. He is in front of a brickwall and is wearing a checked shirt. He is white with brown hair
    Sam Freston, Programmes & Partnerships Advisor, The Co-op Foundation
  • MIC Media’s podcast workshop videos are without a doubt the best training videos we’ve put together to deliver to our young people. They’ve set the bar a little higher for us now. MIC is really good at communicating with young people, their training is engaging, and It’s been a real pleasure to work with MIC Media. It’s been really profound actually and I don’t normally have to look hard for the teary moments, but everything that I’ve done so far with MIC’s podcast training has turned up some of the greatest surprises. I’ve seen a lot of young people feel very pleased with themselves in the podcast work they’ve produced.

    Ezra Rushen – Creative Director, Digital Advantage
  • A very engaging workshop and a great learning experience.

    Vic from MIC is a very good trainer who knows how to engage her audience. She explained the steps clearly and concisely and took the fear out of creating a podcast.

    I’d never really considered doing one for my social enterprise before, but I feel that it’s something I’d like to do in the future. This is because it no-longer feels like something out of reach for me!”

    MIC Podcast Workshop Attendee Feedback
  • A fantastic, amazing, phenomenal, mind-blowing session. I can’t believe I’ve gone from knowing nothing about podcasts to knowing the basics of how to make one in just 3 hours. Thanks, MIC!

    MIC Podcast Workshop Attendee Feedback
  • “I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to attend a MIC Media podcast workshop. I started from knowing virtually nothing about podcasts and ended with comprehensive knowledge and confidence to start and produce a podcast.

    Vic was so approachable, relatable, and answered all my questions. Her feedback was second to none and I would highly recommend to anyone who has had the thought of starting a podcast cross their mind to attend a MIC Media Podcast Workshop. You will not regret it!”

    MIC Podcast Workshop Attendee Feedback
  • It was such a pleasure to work with MIC Media in setting up our podcast, ‘Now and Men: current conversations on men’s lives’. For a long time, I’ve wanted to create a podcast, but it is only thanks to Vic that this has actually become a reality. We learned so much from her about the whole process – and we had lots of fun.

    I feel really proud about what we have come up with and confident we can keep it growing, which is all thanks to Vic and MIC Media. Setting up a podcast successfully requires learning a range of knowledge and skills, so if you are serious about it, I would say look no further than MIC Media to get started.

    a face on shot of a man. He is smiling, He has a black beard and black shoulder length hair
    Dr Stephen Burrell – Early career fellow, Durham University
  • The high-quality podcasts, produced by MIC, have enabled Fight for Peace to deliver valuable content to over 100 global partners. Podcasts are seamless and polished and cleverly pieced together. Working with MIC has been a pleasure and would welcome future collaboration.

    Ana Vacas – Alliance Programme Manager, Fight for Peace
  • “Working with Vic at MIC is always fantastic – her friendly and approachable manner makes everything simple and stress free. Her organised approach and carefully planned sessions are great – she always runs through the process with a non-technical person (ME!!) in a really clear way to help me understand.

    MIC’s delivery to young people is both professional and engaging – kids love working with Vic and think she’s very, very cool.! The quality of your podcasts are great and I can not recommend working with MIC Media enough.”

    Image of Beth smiling at the camera
    Beth Nunn – CEO, PIE
  • “We wanted to give our group of over 50’s community reporters a voice through podcasting. So we got MIC Media in to do podcast training. But that’s just taken us to a level that we didn’t expect to get. As well as our own podcast made by the group, we’ve got an older reporter now sharing his audio editing skills with our student interns. It’s such a success story. We’d recommend MIC Media to any organisation that is looking to enter the world of podcasting.”

    Image of Grace in a black top smiling with plants in the background
    Grace Dyke – Strategic Director, Yellow Jigsaw
  • If you are a corporate organisation or a local authority and you are looking for somebody to help you to resonate with your audience, with your people, then MIC Media are absolutely the right people to do it.

    Image of Sofia with a black top on smiling at the camera
    Sofia Higgins – Equalities Lead, Manchester City Council
  • “At the beating heart of our organisation is the people that we serve. We want to work with partners who are community-minded too, who share those values and understand the types of communities that we work with. This is really important to us and MIC ticks all those boxes.”

    Image of Andy smiling with headphones on and star sunglasses on with a green frame and a piano in the background
    Andy Smith – Artistic Director, Made by Mortals
  • MIC Media is great, they’ve got great ethics and they really understand our network of female social entrepreneurs. As a result of the brilliant podcast MIC produces for us, we’ve got this great library of support that we can signpost people to. They compliment our training and learning offer too. The podcast has motivated us to find the money to keep doing it because it’s so useful. We now put podcasting into our funding bids and our consultancy pieces and it’s helped us win new work.

    Image of Nickala in a flowery top smiling at the camera
    Nickala Torkington – Co-founder & Director, Flourish Together
  • MIC Media ran a series of podcasting workshops with us at MediaCityUK as part of our Creative Conference. The workshops were engaging and pacey and the students loved it. Thanks, Vic and MIC Media. We will never look at socks in the same way again!

    Image of Catherine smiling at the camera
    Catherine Davies – Head of Journalism, Media, Media Make-up & Music, Salford College
  • After Googling “How to make a podcast” I thought I need some help here. I spotted that Vic Elizabeth Turnbull runs the MIC media podcasting club. She’s like the Queen B of podcasting! So now I have 2 podcasts – one to tell people about my business which we’ve had some great feedback on and the other I produce just for fun called My Garden Podcast. Today, I looked at the podcasting charts, it’s only Number 30 in the Home and Garden section!

    a man short beard, smiling
    Steve Blears – Director, Bit Famous
  • Vic was amazing at helping and supporting me. She gave me those much-needed tips and advice for a complete beginner and amateur podcaster. She helped me get my head around it all with the equipment and how to find the right platform. Basically, she made it a much less daunting and scary task. So now I’ve got The Ambitious Mum Podcast, I’m on my third episode this week and I’m very grateful for her advice and help.

    a woman leans against a wall with her arms crossed. she is wearing a white top and is smiling with blonde curly hair
    Kate Moryouseff – Founding Director, Coaching by Kate
  • At the start of the year, I knew I wanted to start a podcast but other than that I didn’t know how we were going to achieve it. I’d seen something about Vic doing this so I looked her up, saw that she had a podcast that just described exactly how I felt. She’s a really great teacher, she’s a lovely person, you feel at ease with her straight away and she feels like there’s nothing that you can’t do and gives you the guidance that you need.

    a woman with a black dress and short blonde hair smiles
    Nina Dar – Business Owner, Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions
  • After spending months organising a conference and getting the right speakers to inform and inspire our delegates, we wanted to ensure their stories had a legacy and reach way beyond the confines of the four walls and the two days of the event itself. The solution we found was working with MIC Media. Within a couple of weeks of our conference, we were able to launch a series of podcasts recorded live at the event. They’re shareable, accessible anywhere, and they’ve inspired our organisation to explore audio as a whole new communications channel. Thank you!

    a photo of a women with short hair smiling at the camera. The image is from the shoulder up
    Helen O’Donnell – CEO, Children’s University
  • Podcasting was something we’d been keen to try but had no idea where to start. Working with Vic as part of a small group session was an amazing introduction to the process and filled us with the confidence we needed to hit record. Her information was detailed but never overwhelming and, most importantly, made our first episode actually seem possible! Stop contemplating your podcast any further and book a meeting with Vic – you’ll wish you did it sooner!

    lisa durrant - a shot of a smiling woman with shoulder length brown hair
    Lisa Durrant – Marketing Manager, Cheadle Hulme School
  • I went along to one of MIC’s podcast sessions not sure what to expect, but Vic just made it seem so do-able! Podcasting is an untapped potential market for the good causes sector to shout about the great work they do and raise their profile. MIC cuts through the fears and highlights to us all, regardless of our work, budgets and expertise we can all get going. MIC’s workshops are essential in giving you a push in the right direction and the basic knowledge required to give podcasting a go! Highly recommended.

    MIC has caused me one problem though, I now have no excuse not to get started!

    A women wears an orange scarf. She is sat at a table, facing the camera, her arms clasped in front of her, rested on the table. She is smiling
    Simone Callaghan – Director, The Goodness Collective CIC

MIC news and views

Team MIC

MIC media was founded in 2018 by Vic Elizabeth Turnbull. Her big passion is help people to amplify their voice and stories, especially if they’re underheard.

She has this proper unique blend of experience having worked in the creative sector and with national, award-winning youth charities. This includes designing youth empowerment programmes, leading creative projects, managing 3-story pop-up shops, radio presenting and producing… Not to mention events, exhibitions and media productions at/for BBC 5Live, Cabinet Office, Mayor of London, V&A, House of Commons, Manchester Town Hall and 11 Downing Street – but to name a few! Told you it was varied. I mean, there’s loads more but we’ve only got a bit of space here.

She’s also the co-founder of Pods Up North, a conference for podcasters, that held it’s first event in Nov 2019 and was sponsored by Spotify.

MIC’s also #blessed to have and had the support of freelancers Danielle Porter, Jamie Green, Kate Mardon, Charles Commins, Sarah Leech, Vicky Wright, Owen Thornton and Ellen Macleod.

Team MIC

Contact MIC

Whether you're looking for an award-winning agency to make your podcast, or perhaps you'd like to have a bash at making your own, drop us a line and let's see how we can help. Whatever it is, MIC would love to hear from you.