About MIC

About MIC

About MIC

MIC is a podcast production company for good eggs. We also show people how to make podcasts and hosts MIC’s Podcast Club, a series of meetups for the podcaster community. 

Set up as a social enterprise, MIC works with clients to amplify their voices and stories; such as charities shouting about their impact, start-ups flaunting their expertise or bedroom podcasters who need a little expert advice. We believe that podcasts are an incredibly powerful and unique tool to help you to share your message, values and success stories.

From producing podcasts to delivering podcasting workshops, MIC’s recent clients include Manchester Cty Council, Children’s University, the People’s Powerhouse, Flourish Together CIC and Salford College.

MIC is obsessed with audio. We reckon everyone should have the opportunity to get involved with podcasts, whether as a contributor, maker or consumer. Especially if those people that don’t have the skills or confidence just yet; lack connections in the media industry; can’t afford to buy the best equipment or would benefit massively from getting their stories out to a global audience.

MIC’s Mission is to therefore give everyone the chance to make awesome audio. As a result, MIC helps to amplify underrepresented voices in podcasts and the podcast industry. To achieve this kick-ass mission, MIC collaborates with a wide range of good eggs to deliver projects, events and training including The Pankhurst Trust. Lloyds Bank, Barclay’s Eagle Labs Pro-Manchester and The Federation.

MIC is based in Manchester, UK and ran by Vic Elizabeth Turnbull. Vic, who started MIC in 2019, has sixteen years of experience across the good causes sector and creative industries. She’s also the co-founder and director of Pods Up North, a conference for podcasters. Find out more about Vic right here.

MIC’s founder Vic, with Emmeline Pankhurst. She famously used the power of voice to change the world. She’s one of our bad-ass foremothers. MIC wouldn’t exist without them.