About MIC media

MIC Media is a podcast/ audio production and training company.

Now, that’s quite a mouth full. So put simply we make podcasts and show people how to make their own!

We’re the experts when it comes to podcasting in the social impact sector.

Social Impact podcast experts

MIC’s uniquely set up as a social enterprise and specialise in working with who we like to call the ‘good eggs’; from charities, CIC’s, NPO’s and social enterprises, to large value-led corporates, education and local authorities.
Put simply, we get the social impact sector. We speak your language and understand all the quirks and nuances that come with it.

Audio is a massively powerful tool to share your story. It’s dead easy to access and can inject heaps of personality and authenticity into your brand, project or campaign. Not to mention connect you to a global audience.

Working with Good Eggs

By working with social impact organisations we have enabled hundreds of people to make or contribute to podcasts. Many of who have never had their voice heard this way or had the opportunity to learn this skill set.

This includes over 60’s community reporters, vulnerable young people at risk of exclusion, Y7 school kids, neurodiverse young adults, asylum seekers, women who’ve suffered trauma and abuse, artists, female changemakers and parents/carers of young children with SEND.

What an absolute joy to see people’s confidence, self-esteem and skills flower and bloom through their involvement in our projects.

We love our job!

Our Mission – Grab The MIC

MIC is obsessed with audio. We reckon everyone should have the opportunity to Grab The MIC and get involved with podcasts, whether as a contributor, maker or consumer. Especially if those people don’t have the skills or confidence just yet; lack connections in the media industry; can’t afford to buy the best equipment or would benefit massively from getting their stories out to a global audience.

So, we get out of bed every morning to provide opportunities for everyone to #GrabTheMIC and find their voice through top-notch audio. Especially amplifying those voices and stories that often go unheard.

Through our Production and Training, we contribute to a richer, more diverse landscape of brilliant audio and podcasts, where you’ll hear lots of different perspectives, thoughts and experiences.

Our impact*
– 55 produced podcasts / audio projects with clients
– 1,300 people with podcasting and audio production skills.

– 1,000 MIC’s Podcast Club community members

*as of September 2022

About our founder, Vic

Vic Elizabeth Turnbull founded MIC in 2019, and is also a judge for the British Podcast Awards and International Women’s Podcast Awards too. She’s also the co-founder of Pods Up North, an annual conference for podcasters. Vic’s racked up almost sixteen years of experience across the creative and social good sector. But don’t remind her of that as it makes her feel old.

– WISE 100 2022 – founder Vic named as one of tthe top 100 women in social enterprise by Natwest and Pioneers Post

– British Podcast Awards 2022 – consultancy client Made by Mortals win Bronze Award for Best Kids and Family Podcast, Armchair Adventures

– British Podcast Awards 2020 (nominees) 
– Manchester Publicity Awards 2020 (nominees) 

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