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Winning contracts, funding bids and showcasing women changemakers

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"The Supporting Women in Social Enterprise podcast has motivated us to find the money to keep doing it because it's so useful. We now put podcasting into our funding bids and our consultancy pieces and it’s helped us win new work."
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Nickala Torkington
co-founder, Flourish Together CIC


Flourish supports women to create or sustain social ventures and create they change they see needed in their communities. The do this through learning events, development programmes and ad-hoc support / advice.


To create easy-access, digital content that includes training resources, a knowledge bank and to share the stories and ventures of the women that they work with. This will take shape as podcast series to showcase female social entrepreneurs and their experiences to inspire and inform other women.


  • To reach new audiences for their work
  • To promote Flourish’s extensive skills in the social enterprise world & build their reputation
  • Create a library of evergreen digital content for women that can’t attend Flourish’s Programmes and events
  • To create a podcast that encouraged listeners to take action


  • No skills / resources in-house to create podcasts
  • Needed a provider who ‘got’ social enterprise, Flourish and their network of women
  • The small team spends too much time answering the same enquires
  • No online learning resources to complement their development programmes
  • Traditional evaluation reports don’t demonstrate to funders the sheer scope and impact the CIC has


  • 1 magazine-style monthly podcast launched 
  • 12 episodes – and counting!
  • 60 women changemaker podcast contributors
  • 4 Flourish staff members trained in scriptwriting, presenting, and remote recording
  • Features expert interviews, group discussions, and vox pops, includes recording live events
  • MIC also designs marketing materials including cover art and audiograms that complement Flourish’s existing branding
“MIC gets our network. Your knowledge of our business really helps us get the most out of our guests, find the stories and produce the podcast format that we wanted to deliver.

The ‘Supporting Women in Social Enterprise' podcast has provided us with this great library of support. We can also signpost people to them. They really compliment our training and learning offer too."


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“Policy reports always talk about ‘hidden voices’ and ‘getting people’s voices heard’. But often we simply just ‘read’ about them, we don’t actually ‘hear’ them. Podcasting lets us actually hear those voices.”

MIC gets our network. Your knowledge of our business really helps us get the most out of our guests, find the stories and produce the podcast format that we wanted to deliver.”

Listen to the podcast below

Supporting Women in Social Enterprise

Listen to Supporting Women in Social Enterprise on Spotify.

“It’s much better to work with MIC, than someone who is cold to social enterprise or the crazy women that we work with!

Plus there’s trust there too. Our contributors feel that they can open up to you.”

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