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Local podcast gets royal, global and award-winning recognition!

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“At the beating heart of our organisation is the people that we serve. We want to work with partners who are community-minded too, who share those values, and understand the types of communities that we work with. MIC media ticks all those boxes."
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Andy Smith
Co-founder / Director, Yellow JigsawMade by Mortals
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Made by Mortals are a not for profit theatre organisation that specialise in collaborating with communities to create powerful performance. Their podcast for kids Armchair Adventures is a fictional series made with their over 55’s actors group. It was conceived in lockdown to bring people together when they couldn’t be physically.


To attract listeners and raise awareness of the Armchair Adventures podcast.


  • Promote Armchair Adventures
  • Boost awareness of Made by Mortals
  • Increase the reach of the podcast globally
"MIC’s got us a massive reach and maximum exposure for our Armchair Adventures Podcast. We wouldn’t have been able to do this on our own. We've even had an endorsement from the future King!

We love MIC’s methodical and personable approach and their communication. We get a lot of value for our money with MIC."


  • Series 1 launched without a strategy
  • No podcast marketing skills in-house & too busy 
  • Lack of knowledge of the podcast landscape
  • Required a supplier with both knowledge of community-focused organisatiion and podcasting.
  • Must also be able to fit with Made by Mortal’s flexible working style
  • Current marketing didn’t fit with the target audience


  • A tailored Armchair Adventures marketing strategy that included:
    • Designing an ‘identity’ for AA, such as revitalising copy to fit a more colloquial, friendly tone of voice
    • A promotional campaign with regular social media activity 
    • Influencer, press and industry alignment 
    • Design of new marketing assets like audiograms, blogs and transcriptions
    • Website & SEO update
    • Community development
  • Podcast MOT health check – adjusting podcast descriptions, artwork, podcast structure, etc to maximise exposure. This is ongoing and reactive
  • Industry introductions and awareness-raising
“Through the success of our Armchair Adventures podcast we’re building reputation, confidence and trust amongst current and potential funders. As a result, they’re more likely to fund us. Working with MIC has helped us to successfully position ourselves in this way.”


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Listen to the podcast below

Armchair Adventures

Listen to Armchair Adventures on Spotify.

“Armchair Adventures provides such an essential lifeline for people and. It provides a sense of community and friendship. It’s only going to continue to be a vital service.” - Greg Cochrane, Podcast Radio Hour, BBC Radio 4.

Watch Grab The MIC: Live with Made by Mortals

Made by Mortals co-founder Andy Smith  sit down with MIC media founder Vic Elizabeth Turnbull for the Grab The MIC: Live series.

Discover how the globally successful Armchair Adventures podcast started life as a way for its creators to address an immediate need in their community during the pandemic. 

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