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MIC’s Podcast Club is a community made up of over 900 awesome people, from all over the place, that make podcasts.  We simply help each other to make brilliant podcasts.

we're for people that make podcasts

Our virtual meetups, held at least once a month, are for ANYONE who makes podcasts, from DIY hobbyists to professional, podcast producers who do this sh*t for a living. We’re here to help each other make awesome podcasts – because we’re the experts, right?

Because our monthly meetups are virtual – you can come from ANYWHERE to be a part of the MIC podcaster community.

ask us anything

At each monthly and virtual meetup our community of podcasters ask podcast-making related questions. These are answered by our community of podcasters! It’s like a live FAQ for podcasters. We’ve covered all sorts like from hosting and marketing to entering awards and remote recording. You can come to ask, answer or simply listen.

We organise in-person socials every few months too!

special guests

We also have a special podcaster guest most months to give their expert take on a chosen podcasty subject. 

Guests have included Dan Maudsley (BBC: Paradise), Clare Freeman (ASFB Productions: Slimming World Podcast…), Alicia from Brown Girls Do It, Kate Cocker (The Presenter Coach: Everyday Positivity), Alex Bennett (Lower Street Media, Art of Podcast), Guy Kilty (DipDap productions, BBC 5Live: The Price of Football), Sam Walker (BBC, Desert Diaries, Northern Power Women), Emma Goswell (Gaydio, Coming Out Stories), Charlotte Foster (Charlotte Foster Productions), Mark Asquith (Captivate, Rebel Base Media), Amy Woods (Content x10), Ant McGinley (XS Manchester, On The Left Side), Poppy & Rubina from BBC’s Brown Girls Do It Too podcast, podcast legend Olly Mann, BBC Sounds and Arielle Nissenblatt.

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winner winner
chicken dinner*

It bloody works as well. Each month our community receives top notch support and advice from each other. We’ve had people launch chart-topping podcasts off the back of coming to our meetups, others have collaborated, got guest spots on podcasts, made new buddies and even started businesses and
found paid work!

How good’s that eh?

*or a meat substitute dinner, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it

MIC’s Podcast Club is typically held on the second Wednesday of every month. Events are posted on our meetup page and this is where you RSVP and let us know you’re coming! 

Previous meetups include...

The latest Podcast Club news, including future events and more 👉 here 👈

“I’m a podcaster thanks to MIC's Podcast Club!”

"Going along and meeting the other podcasters gave me the confidence just to get on with it. Today I looked at the podcasting charts, it’s only 30 in the Home and Garden category. I told Vic she’s like,
a man short beard, smiling
Steve blears
'Pitch A TV Show' and 'My Garden' Podcast Producer & Podcast

Vic Elizabeth Turnbull started MIC’s Podcast Club (or simply ‘MIC’ as it was known then) in late 2018 in a room above a boozer in Manchester (where most good things begin!). Vic noticed at the time that there were very, very few places, for the growing number of podcasters to come together and geek out.

To put it bluntly, if you want to start a podcast or learn how to better your craft, the myriad of info and opinions out there on webpages, groups and social media is intimidating, chuffing noisy, mega confusing and just a tad contracting.

There’s no doubt that the people who are making podcasts are the experts. Whether that’s bedroom podcasters or professional producers. They’re doing it day in, day out. They all have unique perspectives, production hacks or their own best practice. So what if we brought those folk together in person in the same room (often virtually) to share advice, feedback and support to help each other make brilliant podcasts?

So MIC’s Podcast Club was born with the sole mission to help podcasters to help each other to produce top quality podcasts. 

It’s now grown to a community of over 450 people and every month a good chunk of them come together to talk podcasting!

Vic Elizabeth Turnbull


Charles Commins

community builder

The MIC’s Podcast Club community is made of 900 members. 

There’s loads of different podcasters, like those who do it for a living, to folk putting shows together in their living room.

We all shout about each other’s podcasts as much as we can. We’re always tooting each other’s horn 📯

Our community is a non judgy, non cliquey place to talk making podcasts.  We pride ourselves on being good eggs, so you won’t find any dickheads around these parts.

Which is always nice to know right?

Listen to some of the good eggs in our community   👉👉

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