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UnLtd – Changing Places

MIC works with UnLtd on an ambitious project to train six social entrepreneurs from across the UK to create ‘Changing Places’, a 5-part podcast series. All delivered and produced remotely.

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Listen to this episode from UnLtd Podcasts on Spotify. In “Changing Places”, we meet social entrepreneurs from across the UK, who are creating solutions to local issues in their communities. From Brighton, South Wales, Dundee and North Staffordshire, these local leaders share how they have overcome the pandemic’s challenges – building creative, collaborative and powerful social ventures.

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UnLtd is an awesome charity that finds, funds, and supports social entrepreneurs. They approached us to produce a way they could share the success of their recent ‘Resilient Communities’ project. Find out more about the work we have been commissioned to do for UnLtd HERE. As a result we upskilled the social entrepreneurs so that they support leading to the ‘Changing Places’ podcast.

Our resulting ‘Changing Places’ project saw MIC work with six awesome social entrepreneurs from Brighton, Dundee, Stoke, and the Welsh Valley’s. Moreover, most entrepreneurs had zero podcast-making knowledge, but all had a thirst to tell their stories of positive change in their communities.

Some of the entrepreneurs we worked with L-R Joel from BrightStore, Gemma from Hallet from Mi Futures, The Stoke 2000 project and Andrew Batchelor from Dundee Culture

We worked with the team for just over 3 months to create the Changing Places podcast series. Holding their hand every step of the way, we managed workloads, scheduling, learning sessions, voice-over workshops. Above all, we helped them put everything they’d recorded together.

The team recorded just over 30 bits of audio!

The end result, a professional-sounding production, with all the content gathered and recorded by social entrepreneurs across the country.

As part of the production and training MIC,

– Delivers ‘how to podcast’ workshops
– Facilitates discovery/ brainstorming sessions
– Guides client on best-practice interview and scriptwriting techniques
– Stage sessions to professionally record intro and outro
– Professionally produces podcast trailer and all episodes

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