How Are You Dad?

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How Are You Dad?

MIC produces How Are You Dad?’, a podcast exploring the challenges that men face in becoming a father.

How are you Dad?

Listen to How are you Dad? on Spotify. When it comes to being dad, some reports suggest that up to 38% of men are concerned about their mental health…. and 1 in 10 fathers suffer from postnatal depression. How are you Dad? Podcast explores the challenges men face in becoming a father.

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We’ve been working with International Fathers Mental Health Day founders to produce the How are you Dad podcast that covers the science, evidence, and research to help parents and health professionals understand the importance of fathers’ mental health.

The guys behind the How Are You Dad? podcast is Dan Rowe, a men’s mental health advocate, and Mark Williams, a leading paternal mental health campaigner. Both have experienced ill mental health as a result of the birth of their child. Through the podcast, they want to educate people who work with dads so they are better equipped to help and prevent serious mental health problems amongst new fathers.

In the initial 4-part series, Dan and Mark speak to perinatal mental health experts such as a Birth Trauma specialist, a Relationship consultant, and even an Evolutionary Anthropologist!

The How Are You Dad? podcast is sponsored by HiPP Organic.

Listen to the whole series here.

As part of the podcast production MIC,

– Co-designs the idea & format
– Records voiceovers and interviews professionally & remotely
– Project Management
– Edits audio/mixes
– Produces a trailer
– Advises on distribution

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