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Belong Network

MIC creates gorgeous, visual assets to support The  Belong Network’s activity for their #RadicalKindness Week 2021

One of the social media assets we created for Belong

MIC was commissioned by The Belong Network, a UK membership organisation for social cohesion and integration, to help them to re-purpose  interviews and case studies that they’d recently done with a bunch of their stakeholders

The Belong Network were after some social media assets to use during their annual Radical Kindness week. So we took the audio from the interviews and turned them into branded subtitled visuals for their communications.

This work is a fab example of how organisations can 1) re-purpose their content into audio to stretch budgets, make use of archives, etc… 2) creatively display and share case studies or stakeholder testimonials using audio

 How Belong shared the MIC-designed assets during their #RadicalKindess week

As part of the podcast production MIC,

– Prepared Zoom recorded audio
– Design graphics as to Belong branding
– Produce animated audiograms with subtitles
– Deliver to client ‘publish ready’

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