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Strong Manchester Women Podcast

The Strong Manchester Women Podcast is an inspiring series of conversations with women who make Manchester and beyond, a better place to live, work or play.

Strong Manchester Women

Listen to Strong Manchester Women on Spotify. Inspiring conversations with the change makers, activists, leaders and trailblazers – who make our communities a better place to live, work and play. Nominated in the British Podcast Awards 2020 Produced by MIC Media UK (

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The podcast was nominated in the 2020 British Podcast Awards

The podcast is full production by MIC Media, involving:

– Original idea & format
– Recording
– Editing
– Artwork/branding
– Publishing & distribution
– Social Media marketing strategy & producing gorgeous content
– Transcripts of all episodes

Commissioned by Manchester City Council, funded by the Centenary Cities Legacy Fund and supported by the Pankhurst Trust

For more info and to listen to the podcast go to the Strong Manchester Women Podcast Page

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