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This Is The North

MIC produces the debut podcast for the People’s Powerhouse. They’re a forward-thinking movement that strives for a civic voice in the Northern Powerhouse plans.

What is the People’s Powerhouse? Live from Sunderland by This is the North – The People’s Powerhouse Podcast

Think of this, the very first ‘This is The North’ podcast episode, as your one stop shop to understanding what exactly is the People’s Powerhouse, how it works and most importantly how you can get involved…

The first episode is recorded live from the City of Light Stadium in Sunderland at the 3rd Annual People’s Powerhouse convention. It features interviews with the key people involved in the movement and short vox-pop style interviews with those who attended the event.

It acts as a great legacy for the event and a fantastic introduction to the work and ethos of the People’s Powerhouse.

The ‘This is The North’ – has been made possible through funding from the RSA

As part of the production MIC,

– Co-designs the idea & format
– Records (including events)
– Conducts interviews
– Edits
– Consults on publishing and distribution

Photos from the convention. This is where we recorded the first episode. See if you can find our Vic, ‘Where’s Wally?’ style on the top photo!

Looking for support to produce your podcast? Contact MIC here, and let’s have a chat about your podcast ideas.

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