Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Press Coverage

We regularly get the tables turned on us and get asked to speak on other people’s podcasts! This is our press coverage.

Discover more about MIC Media, direct from the horses mouth. Here’s a selection of those podcasts, plus the folk who’ve featured us on their websites and blogs too.

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Pod Almighty

Our Vic appeared on the podcast ‘Pod Almighty’ hosted by James Marriot, a podcast strategist and Ellie Codling a podcast producer and audio editor. This episode packed full of fab tips and advice all about how to overcome many things that stop you from launching your awesome podcast. We touch on imposter syndrome, planning your time, realistic schedules and lots more!

For more about the amazing Pod Almighty podcast and the episode head to James’s website

Being Freelance Podcast

Our founder Vic speaks to Steve Folland on the awesome Being Freelance podcast host about the ‘moments’ she realised she wanted to go freelance, how MIC Media was born, and what it means to use her audio production skills for ‘good’. 

For more about the brilliant Being Freelance podcast and the episode head to their website.

Beyond the Pod Article

The lovely ‘Beyond the Pod’ chatted with our Vic about making podcasts, her three main tips to help turn a podcast from ‘meh’ to ‘good’, how to market your podcast and  the journey of MIC Media,

Head to the Beyond the Pod website to read the full interview with Vic here

There is Another Way Podcast

Neil Spencer Bruce hosts the fab podcast ‘There is another way’ helping to empower those who want to break away from the 9-5. In this episode our founder Vic talks about podcasts, imposter syndrome, freelancing and being a good egg!

The Audience Agency

MIC Media founder Vic, speaks to The Audience Agency podcast about the power of storytelling via audio. She focuses on how beneficial podcasts can be to tell the stories from and about your organisation.

BBC Radio Manchester

Some radio press coverage here when our Vic spoke to the ace Mike Sweeny on BBC Radio Manchester about our nomination in the British Podcast Awards 2020. There must have been a gremlin on the phone line on this one, Vic’s side is a little distorted (not her fault – she promises!!).

That Great Manc Pod

Our Vic was chuffed to bits to be asked to be the first guest on Manc Made‘s ‘That Great Manc Pod’ – especially as she’s an honorary Manc! The podcast showcases the folk doing brilliant things across the region. In this episode Vic chats about how MIC Media came about and it’s kick-ass mission.

Your Positive Imprint

Catherine Praiswater presents this gorgeous podcast ‘Your Positive Imprint‘ about people doing good things across the world. In this episode our Vic talks about her bonkers journey from McDonalds and charities to running her own podcast production social enterprise!

Pod News

More press coverage here from Pods News. MIC Media has been featured several times on Pod News, one of the biggest and well-known news sources for the podcasting and audio on demand industry.

Salford Now

Our Vic spoke to Salford Now all about MIC’s Podcast Club. In those days we did physical meetups (#sadface) and Vic explained how and why our podcaster meetup all started. She also reveals some of our success stories. Read the full article here

For press enquires just drop us a line via our little contact form. Click that there button below.