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Our Podcast Production Clients

Just some of the good eggs that we make podcasts and audio products for...

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We do the whole kit and kaboodle

You’ve got a podcast idea right? But we totally understand that you haven’t got the time or the know-how to get it going. You just need someone who gets who you are and what you want.  Most importantly, that ‘someone’ needs to know their podcasts. 

That’s where MIC Media comes in. We turn your idea into a great-sounding podcast. 

We do full podcast production from start to finish.

This includes helping you to shape your idea and content, record it, edit it, right through to uploading it onto all the big podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

We can all those bits and bobs on their own too (and more)...

Our Podcast Production Services

How we make and share nice things for people's ears, from one-off audio pieces, engaging social media content, to full podcast series...


We professionally record your content in-person or virtually using our industry-standard kit. We can record loads of things like interviews, voiceovers, panels and conferences.


We add value by re-purposing your existing content into podcasts / audio pieces. For example taking your video and transforming them into quality podcasts.


We edit and mix audio to broadcast standard. We can also put our producer ear to content editing and creative compelling narrative for you.


We take your audio and produce, stunning visual bites of content for your social media channels, website, stakeholder comms or funding / evaluation reports. Perfect for testimonials and case studies too.


We publish and distribute your podcast to all the major podcast platforms including spotify, and apple podcasts. We also advise on audience building strategy and marketing.


We provide checklists, one-to-one support and advisory sessions to get your podcast 'launch-ready', including shownotes, cover art and marketing strategy advice.

A Podcast can help connect you to the people that matter - to you


Our Podcast Production Projects

Just a selection of our podcast production and audio products we've made for good eggs - browse more here.

Nice things our podcast production clients say about us

All the #feels

"We wanted to work with someone who understood our mission and the complexities of our organisation. We needed someone who got why we wanted a podcast, so we could spread our message and make it easier for our stories to be heard by the right people. MIC Media got all this.

Our resulting podcast, 'Children’s University: Live!' is a great selling tool for us to show what we do. It's definitely given us credibility with potential partners.”
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Liam Nolan
Communications Manager, Children's University
"The high-quality podcasts, produced by MIC, have enabled Fight for Peace to deliver valuable content to over 100 global partners. Podcasts are seamless and polished, and cleverly pieced together.

Working with MIC has been a pleasure and would welcome future collaboration."
Ana Vacas
Alliance Programme Manager, Fight for Peace
“MIC Media did all the hard work for the Strong Manchester Women podcast. They’re the ones that sat down and interviewed the women. They created the rapport with them and then got them to tell us these fantastic stories that were utterly fascinating. They have the skill to do that. Not everybody has that skill.

If you are looking for somebody to help you to resonate with your audience, with your people, then MIC Media are absolutely the right people to do it."
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Sofia Higgins
Equalities Lead, Manchester City Council
"Our problem was, how can we engage our donors in a really meaningful way? The resulting podcast that was made by MIC Media, made our donors feel closer to what we do and it made them feel quite special. That's really important, it helps keeps them engaged, happy and they’re more likely to give another gift in the future. We had a really positive experience working with MIC and I’ve told so many people how great you are!"
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Lois Mann
Philanthropic Partnerships, Plan UK
What now?
Contact us to chat about our podcast production services.
We're here to listen to your bright ideas. We'll then crunch the numbers and see if we can make this happen.We'd absolutely love to make your podcast or audio project.

We don’t just make podcasts you know?

We can show you how to make your own podcast...

MIC's Podcast Training

Real-time workshops, multi-session courses and 1:1 coaching.
Learn how to podcast with MIC – whether it’s for you, your team, beneficiaries or members. We deliver bespoke podcast training in-person and virtually. More here.

MIC's Blended Service

Our training and production package helps you launch a brilliant sounding podcast.
This is for you, if want to learn how to make a podcast yourself and ensure what you launch sounds quality and professional. More here.