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Our Podcast Training Clients

Some of the good eggs that we've delivered podcast training for...

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We make podcasting easy

Learn how to podcast with MIC Media, whether it's just for you or your team, beneficiaries or members.

MIC gets it, you’d love to give podcasts a go yourself, but don’t have a clue where to start. Perhaps you just need reassurance that you’ve got your bits and bobs in the right place.  Or maybe you’re afraid of sounding daft!

MIC gives more confidence in your podcasting power.


Our big thing is that we want to make podcasting easy for you to do. So we make sure that our podcast training is jargon-free and suitable for absolute beginners and technophobes. Our training is tailored for all ages and groups – our trainees have included secondary school kids, up to folk over 75 years old!

MIC makes all this audio malarkey dead easy to understand and most importantly, do!

Our delivery is flexible and we have an utterly delightful suite of support around podcast and audio production...

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Our Podcast Training Services

We deliver our Podcast Training as a mixture of workshops that we put on ourselves and bespoke stuff that you ask for…

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MIC-hosted workshops

Every quarter we put on our own classes that you can book onto via our eventbrite page. This are online and in-person.

Bespoke Training

We deliver podcast training that fits your objectives, learning outcomes and what you want to get out of it. See below for how we do it. 👇


We deliver sessions that are tailored for you. We design them according to your needs, duration, funding or participants.

in-person & online

We add value by re-purposing your existing content into podcasts / audio pieces. For example taking your video and transforming them into quality podcasts.


Our multi-session approach creates a programme of delivery. These are designed based on what you're after.


We take your audio and produce, stunning visual bites of content for your social media channels, website, stakeholder comms or funding / evaluation reports. Perfect for testimonials.


If a one-to-one approach is what you're after, we deliver personal coaching sessions to support your podcasting journey.


We provide checklists, one-to-one support and advisory sessions to get your podcast 'launch-ready', including shownotes, cover art and marketing advice and strategies.

our podcast training
What do you want to learn about?
This is our podcast training. We can show you how to podcast from start to finish or take your pick from all the bits in between. 

Our flagship podcast training. We cover everything you need to know to start a podcast – from getting your idea nailed, what kit you need, to how to get it out there on all the big podcast platforms. Includes all the bits below.

Before you can even think about starting a podcast you need to get your head around exactly what a podcast is. We can show you where to look for them and find one you love.  All you need is a computer, smart phone or tablet and an internet connection.

Or as we like to call it ‘Getting Good At Conversation’. We take you through the whole interview process, from booking guests to asking great questions. We help you to shape your interview style so that you get rich content and stories for your production. 

One of the biggest reasons people switch a podcast off is that it sounds rubbish. Poor quality audio is off-putting and people will not return once they’ve left! We want to help you get great audio. We show you what equipment to use and how to use it well!

We show you how to use digital audio workspaces (the posh name for editing software) to edit the awesome content that you’ve recorded. This includes technical know-how (how to use editing software) and editorial technique (what to cut, keep and move).

We know a thing or two about podcast and audio production. If there’s something else you’d like to learn about that we’ve not covered here, let’s have a chat

“We wanted to give our group of over 50’s community reporters a voice through podcasting. So we got MIC Media in to do podcast training. But that’s just taken us to a level that we didn’t expect to get. As well as our own podcast made by the group, we’ve got an older reporter now sharing his audio editing skills with our student interns. It’s such a success story.

We would recommend MIC Media to any organisation that is looking to enter the world of podcasting.

Grace Dyke

Strategic Director, Yellow Jigsaw

MIC's Podcast Training contributes to capacity-building and continued professional development.

Upskill yourself, team, members or beneficiaries and help them to share their stories.

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Our Podcast Training Projects

Just a selection of the podcast training we've delivered for good eggs - browse more here.

Nice things our podcast training clients say about us

All the #feels

MIC was amazing at giving me some of those much-needed tips and advice for a complete beginner and amateur podcaster. I had very little experience (probably none!) MIC helped me to get my head around it all, such as the equipment equipment and hosting. They made it a much less daunting and scary task.

I’ve now got my Ambitious Mum podcast and I’m very grateful for their advice and help.
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Kate Moryoussef
Coach & Producer, The Ambitious Mum podcast
MIC Media are really good at communicating with young people and their training is engaging.

MIC podcast training videos are without a doubt the best training videos we’ve put together to deliver to our young people. They’ve set the bar a little higher for us now.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with MIC. It's been really profound. I don't normally have to look hard for the teary moments, but everything that I've done so far with MIC’s podcast training has turned up some of the greatest surprises.

I've seen a lot of young people feel very pleased with themselves in the podcast work they’ve produced.
Ezra Rushen
Director of Production, Digital Advantage
This was so useful, thank you. I feel like it was just the beginning and it's set me off on a great path just knowing where to start, and how to go away and work through those different stages and develop my idea.

I feel I have the confidence now to get started rather than just wondering about it but not moving into action.
MIC Podcast workshop attendee
MIC Media are professional and collaborative. Thier delivery to young people is both professional and engaging - kids love working with them!

MIC helps ensure that other VCSE organisations like ours can access high quality workshops to help young people develop new skills and also develop content that can help to demonstrate our own work and impact in a more creative way.

The quality of their podcasts are great and I can not recommend working with MIC Media enough.It's always a fantastic experience. Their friendly and approachable manner makes everything simple and stress-free. MIC's sessions are carefully planned and great!They always run through the process with a non-technical person (ME!!) in a really clear way to help me understand what's going to be deliverfed and how they're going to do it.
Image of Beth smiling at the camera
Beth Nunn
What now?
Talk to us about our podcast training.
What would you like to learn? We'd love to be ones to show you the ropes.

We don’t just teach podcasting you know?

We can make your podcast...

MIC's Podcast Production

Idea development, recording, editing, distribution and marketing
Our Podcast Production services takes-away all that ‘how do we make this thing?!’ stress and turns your idea into a cracking sounding podcast. More here.

MIC's Blended Service

Our training and production package helps you launch a brilliant sounding podcast.
This is for you, if want to learn how to make a podcast yourself and ensure what you launch sounds quality and professional. More here.

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