MIC’s Services

MIC’s Services

Whether you need a podcast making, fancy learning how to do it yourself or want to meet other podcasters, MIC’s got your back.

Scroll down for just a taster of our services and what MIC can do for you.

Podcast Production

Do you want tell the world about your values, outcomes or best bits? Keen to share your latest campaigns and success stories or simply show-off your impressive expertise?

MIC can make your podcast for you.

MIC understands that you haven’t got the time or know-how to get a podcast going and you certainly haven’t got the time to learn! You probably know it could be a really useful tool for you or your business, but you just need someone to do it for you.

We can offer you the whole kit and kaboodle, a full podcast production from start to finish. This includes helping you to shape your idea and content, right through to uploading it onto all the major platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify,

Additionally, MIC can also:

Edit your existing audio 

Transform media that already have into a podcast

Create engaging, visual bites of content for social media, stakeholder communications, evaluation reports etc

Record your events, interviews, sessions or workshops

Write your show notes

Distribute & publish get it up and out there

Promote your podcast by creating social media content and strategy

a headshot of a man with a beard, siling. He has a pink shirt on

We wanted to work with a podcast expert who understood our mission, the complexities of our organisation and why we wanted a podcast to help spread our message. We wanted someone that could help us make the most of that, make it easier for our stories to be heard by the right people and produce them in a way that just kept it straightforward and simple. MIC got all this and they made us get really clear on why we were doing a podcast and how we wanted to tell our story.

“Our resulting podcast,’ Children’s University: Live!’ is a great selling tool for us to show what we do. It’s definitely given us credibility with potential partners.”

Liam Nolan – Head of Communications and Stakeholder Engagements, Children’s University

Podcast Training

What microphone do I use? What on earth is an RSS feed? How do I get my podcast on the internet?!

Sound familiar?

MIC gets it, you’d love to give podcasts a go yourself, but don’t have a clue where to start. Perhaps you just need reassurance that you’ve got your bits and bobs in the right place. Maybe you’d like your members, beneficiaries or team to learn some new skills to make a podcast. Or maybe you’re afraid of sounding daft!

MIC makes all this audio malarkey dead easy to understand and most importantly, do!

Let us give you a helping hand to gain more confidence in your podcasting power. MIC can provide the following services:

1:1 Guidance 1-2 hour sessions on all things podcast, from shaping your idea, to getting to grips with editing, to launching the thing

Group Surgeries like the above but in a group!

Workshops from 1 hour to full days and covering things such as an Introduction to Podcasting and how to make them

To enquire about MIC’s podcast training, simply get in touch or take a look at our news section for the latest training that you can book on.

Image of Grace in a black top smiling with plants in the background

“I don’t think we’ve ever had an external trainer who has gone to the lengths that MIC did to make sure that the workshop was tailored to the needs of our group. Some of our attendees have since been in touch with MIC. There’s something quite incredible about their rapport building. That and the tailoring shows that they care.

MIC makes podcasting, which for many people that we work with is an alien concept, achievable for them. They completely put them at ease. There’s no fear in terms of tech or it being beyond their ability. That’s down to MIC Media’s delivery and expertise and we value that”

Grace Dyke – Founder & Director, Yellow Jigsaw & Programme Lead ‘Changing The Record

Blended Approach

Our training and production package to help you launch a brilliant sounding podcast.

MIC can make your podcast for you.

This is for you if want to learn how to make a podcast yourself and ensure what you launching sounds quality and professional.

We combine our unique podcast training and professional audio production to get you to a point where you are ready to launch your podcast and release your first episodes! You’re then left with the skills, templates and audio to continue to make your awesome-sounding podcast.

a face on shot of a man. He is smiling, He has a black beard and black shoulder length hair

“It was such a pleasure to work with MIC Media in setting up our podcast, ‘Now and Men: current conversations on men’s lives’. For a long time, I’ve wanted to create a podcast, but it is only thanks to MIC that this has actually become a reality. We learned so much about the whole podcasting process – and we had lot’s of fun!

I feel really proud about what we have produced and confident we can keep it growing, which is all thanks to Vic and MIC Media. Setting up a podcast successfully requires learning a range of knowledge and skills, so if you are serious about it, I would say look no further than MIC Media to get started.”

Dr Stephen Burrell – Assistant Professor, Durham University

MIC’s Podcast Club

A community of over 600 podcasters from across the world.

We meet regualry online and in-person to help each other make brilliant podcasts.

Most podcasters us self-taught and the bulk of the feedback we get is from faceless people over the internet can be overwhelming and confusing.

At MIC’s Podcast Club, we turn to the experts to help us make our podcasts – each other.

Join the MIC’s Podcast Club community and see when our next meet up is by clicking the button below.

We are looking for sponsors to help MIC stage our events in Manchester and beyond. Get in touch

an image of a man facing straight on. He is smiling. He has a beard and a shaved head hairstyle

I’m so glad I discovered MIC’s Podcast Club. I’ve only been coming for a few months but already feel part of the community. Podcasting can be lonely sometimes, and so being around like minded people is really helpful.

It’s great to be able to ask other podcasters for their thoughts and input on things, and similarly, being able to offer my own help and guidance in return. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I’m excited to finally be able to meet everyone in real life soon too!”

James Marriott, Pod Almighty Podcast

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