Strong Manchester Women

Strong Manchester Women

This is the ‘Strong Manchester Women’ podcast; a series of inspiring conversations with the women – who make our city and beyond, a better place to live, work and play.

Manchester, has a history of very strong women. Women who are forces to be reckoned with. Women who push the envelope, start movements, smash glass ceilings, stand up for their rights and turn the wheels of progress.

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Supported by Manchester City Council and The Pankhurst Trust, each episode is an inspiring conversation with changemakers, activists and trailblazers; including champion boxer Stacey Copeland, 90 year old Pride of Manchester winning Gardener Dena Murphy, the Deputy Leader of Bury Council Lynne Ridsdale, Manchester International Festival performing poet Nasima Begum and Trans Creative Artistic Director Kate O’Donnell.

The podcast, funded by the Centenary Cities Legacy Fund, is inspired by the annual Strong Manchester Women campaign which celebrates the achievements and impact of a bunch of incredible women doing brilliant things in the city. The 14 women profiled in this series were selected for the 2019 campaign.

The Strong Manchester Women podcast is a full production from MIC Media – to find out exactly what that all involves, from recording to marketing – see our portfolio page here.

How to Listen

Episodes are released weekly on Wednesday

When released, the episodes and their transcripts are posted on this page and are also available to listen to, for free on your phone or tablet via the applications Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Simply click the image for the podcast to open on the app that you have.

You can also listen on other podcast players including Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Pocket casts and lots more, simply search ‘Strong Manchester Women’. We’ve also wrote a blog post to show you how to listen this and other podcasts. Read that here.

Listen to the podcast here

Click on the link to be taken to that episode’s page.

  • SMW: Episode 14 – Priya ChopraSMW: Episode 14 – Priya Chopra
    For the last 20 years, this Strong Manchester Woman has been supporting Asian women and children who are victims of domestic abuse – a cause that is made more difficult by the cultural norms and… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 13 – Chloe CousinsSMW: Episode 13 – Chloe Cousins
    This Strong Manchester Woman stands up proud to say,  “I’m really happy with who I am.” She takes the lessons that she’s learnt on her journey, to help others to be comfortable with themselves too;,… Read more »
  • Strong Manchester Women Podcast: Episode 12 – Dena MurphyStrong Manchester Women Podcast: Episode 12 – Dena Murphy
    This Strong Manchester Woman was just eleven years old when World War II started. She saw first-hand the camaraderie and sense of community that the conflict sparked. It is no surprise then, that throughout her… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 11 – Stacey CopelandSMW: Episode 11 – Stacey Copeland
    This Strong Manchester Woman has played football for England and is a championship boxer. For one person to achieve both of these in their life time is huge. But because of gender, she’s received knock backs… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 10 – Nasima BegumSMW: Episode 10 – Nasima Begum
    From a young age this Strong Manchester Woman felt that she wasn’t accepted into society. She grew tired of the narrative that went along her identity as a South Asian, Muslim woman. To put it… Read more »
  • Strong Manchester Women Podcast: Episode 9 – Kate O’DonnellStrong Manchester Women Podcast: Episode 9 – Kate O’Donnell
    Former drag queen gets handed babies in airports. Sounds like a headline from scandalous woman’s weekly magazine!  But for this Strong Manchester Woman, this her life – well that is since she closed the door… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 8 – Sarah JudgeSMW: Episode 8 – Sarah Judge
    At 25 years old, this Strong Manchester Women decided  to take action against the injustices she was seeing in society and tackle community issues and concerns right at their core.  She put herself forward become… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 7 – Bernie WoodSMW: Episode 7 – Bernie Wood
    In 1978, this Strong Manchester Woman’s life changed forever. It was the year her Geoffrey, her youngest son was born. Geoffrey has Down’s syndrome and Bernie struggled to cope. That was until she came across… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 6 – Sharmila KarSMW: Episode 6 – Sharmila Kar
    From being a little girl growing up in India, helping people for a living was always the ambition for this Strong Manchester Woman, well that or being a train driver. In this episode, your host… Read more »
  • SMW: Episode 5 – Jackie DriverSMW: Episode 5 – Jackie Driver
    Supporting women fleeing violence, advising Channel 4 on their inclusion strategy, playing a key part in designing the most accessible city in Europe, influencing policy, campaigning for changes in the law, recognised as one of… Read more »

13 – Chloe Cousins (coming soon)
12 – Dena Murphy (coming soon)
11 – Stacey Copeland (coming soon)
10 – Nasima Begum
(coming soon)
9 – Kate O’Donnell (coming soon)
8 – Sarah Judge
7 – Bernie Wood
6 – Sharmila Kar
5 – Jackie Driver
4 – Lynne Ridsdale
3 – Helen Brown
2 – Francess Tagoe
1 – Denise Yuen Megson

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