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MIC works with the award-winning Digital Advantage charity to design and deliver an online podcasting course for kids and schools

Digital Advantage approached MIC, as they were looking for solutions to deliver their signature digital skills and industry-led training online, during a time when many pupils were learning at home.

In addition to their photography, personal branding, website design, and videography workshops, they wanted podcasting as an option in their suite of online digital skills training resources for schools and other kids-focused groups.

So we designed an easy-to-understand, 8-part how-to start a podcast workshop – which is delivered via videoed modules. When we were designing it, we did so, so that the kids doing it wouldn’t need any fancy kit, simply a smartphone or tablet.

With everything filmed, it was over to Digital Advantage to work their magic and edit them beautifully together.

Putting the training into practice

In early 2021, MIC’s Podcasting workshop had its first participants give it a go. The result was Outside of The Box, a podcast produced by and designed for young, neurodiverse adults.

The production team is made up of interns from ‘Digital Inc‘, a supported digital internship scheme for Digital Advantage and Manchester College. We complimented the workshop with online, real-time masterclasses delivered via Discord. In just three weeks, the team had completed the podcasting workshop and finished their first episode – a real achievement!

Outside of the Box

Listen to Outside of the Box on Spotify. Are you neurodiverse? Then this is the podcast for you. We understand that life and building a career in a neurotypical world has it’s challenges. So join us for this brand new podcast hosted by the Digital Inc.

The podcast the Digital Inc interns created with the help of MIC

Our work with Digital Advantage demonstrates the breadth of opportunity when it comes to podcasting and young people. It also shows that the fundamentals of making a podcast can be translated for a younger audience and most importantly they enjoy and understand the process! In this case, we helped a group of awesome young people create relevant, useful and entertaining content for their community of neurodiverse young people.

As part of the podcast production MIC,

– Designs workshop structure and modules
– Films module content
– Delivers online, real-time training to supplement the workshop
– Provides a professional podcast production template

Looking for podcast training for your members, team or group? Contact MIC here, let’s have a chat about your workshops wants and ideas!

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