National Football Museum – Quite Unsuitable for Females

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National Football Museum – Quite Unsuitable for Females

MIC works with a team of brilliant, young female community podcast producers from the National Football Museum, to create ’Quite Unsuitable for Females’ a podcast series about women in football and their personal experiences of the beautiful game.

Quite Unsuitable For Females

Listen to Quite Unsuitable For Females on Spotify. This is Quite Unsuitable For Females, a podcast series where we reveal the secrets, tackle the stereotypes and bust the myths about women in football. Community producers Rosy, Meg, Uma and Debs delve into the National Football Museum’s archive to bring women’s football off the bench and onto the pitch.

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The National Football Museum in Manchester is the world’s biggest and best museum dedicated to football. At the start of 2022, they called MIC in to train their new bunch of young community producers to create a podcast about women in football. This would coincide with the Women’s European Championships in Summer 2022 and their accompanying exhibition.

Delivering our Blended Service we designed and delivered a podcast development training programme to their new producers. Over just 3 months, we supported the team every step of the way, from gathering ideas and teaching the group how to research, to how to record great audio and the best out of their interviews. They also received an industry visit from the huge sports podcast network The Ringer and music / podcast platform Spotify. We then produced the final podcast from the audio gathered by our producers.

The resulting 5-part National Football Museum podcast…

‘Quite Unsuitable for Women’ shines a light on the untold stories of women’s football. It takes its name from the FA who stated in 1921 that “the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged”. Women were then prohibited from playing at FA-affiliated grounds for 50 years.

The National Football Museum podcast has been hugely well-received,

including the #1 rated ‘New and Noteworthy’ podcast on Apple podcasts, Podbible’s ‘New Podcast of The Week’, it was also spotlighted on Great British Podcast’s newsletter and mentioned as a recommended podcast in The Times.

As part of the production and training MIC,

– Designs and delivers a 3-month podcast development training programme
– Facilitates discovery/ brainstorming sessions
– Guides group on professional podcast production best practices and techniques
– Stage sessions to professionally record intro, outro, and discussions
– Advises on podcast branding, copy, messaging, and distribution
– Professionally produces podcast trailer and 5-part series

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